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Office Moving Services in UAE: "Business on The Move"

ISS Office Move is a well-established service providing you with the benefit of our experience in this demanding field. We understand the need for planning, communication and close cooperation of your office move with all concerned parties. Timing is everything, and getting your office move right is critical to your business success. With our skill and expertise, you can be assured of a smooth, efficient and well-planned execution of your office move.

Office Moving and Office relocations Services Company in Dubai, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and India

When it comes to an office move, planning is everything:

  • A pre-move consultation allows your staff to discuss their needs and concerns with our team.
  • We will design a detailed schedule of your move, tailored to your business requirements.
  • We will brief your staff about the schedule, ensuring that all understand their role in it.
  • Our team of skilled packers and handlers headed by experienced supervisors will be assigned.
  • Using high quality packing materials, your items will be packed and labelled with color coding to identify their location and department. Your coordinator can work with you to develop the best coding system for your requirements dependent on the size and complexity of your move.
  • Using detailed floor plans we move furniture and effects to your new premises.

We also help with:

  • Specialist carpentry services to dismantle and re-install furniture and workstations.
  • Specialist movers for safety vaults and fire-proof cabinets.
  • Arrange for the move to take place out of office hours or at the weekend to ensure no interruption to your business.

We offer additional services to support the transition:

Storage - ISS warehouse facilities have been specifically designed with purpose-built storage for office furniture, files, IT equipment, motor vehicles, etc., etc. Whether it is long term or short-term storage, our storage units, equipped with security and fire alarm systems, keep your office furniture and belongings completely safe.

Insurance - ISS covers all the possible risks associated with an office move. Whether you are relocating to another country, moving to a new city or just moving down the road, protect your office possessions from the moment packing commences right up to the time they are unpacked on arrival at your new location.

Records Management – ISS Relocations can help you manage and store your un-used office files & records with a proper labelled/boxed inventory in a retrievable secure storage facility.

Disposal - We also offer disposal services for any unwanted furniture, equipment, documents, files or other business items that you no longer require.

A global team delivering service excellence!