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An often-forgotten aspect of the moving process is Transit Insurance. When you move, makes sure that your possessions are covered for any unforeseen difficulties in transit on road, sea or customs etc. Everything you need to help to insure your valuable goods and provided the comprehensive insurance protection plan we offer and cover. Professionally packed items are covered against loss, damage or theft from point of origin, including a period of incidental storage, right up to your final domicile. iss-relocations offer excellence Transit Insurance Services in Dubai UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and India

Main Exclusions to keep in mind, that are not covered by Transit Insurance:

Personal Effects & Motor Vehicles

  • Wear and tear pre-existing damages.
  • Loss, damage or expense caused by moth vermin and gradual deterioration.
  • Loss or damage caused by delay or any consequential loss arising thereof.
  • Electrical or mechanical derangement, unless caused by insured peril.
  • Confiscation or detention by customs authorities.
  • Trunk suitcases or similar items unless they are packed in an outer container.
  • Bank, notes, shares bond, deeds, Jewelry, stamps/coin collections, securities, negotiable instruments.
  • Loss or damage due to climatic/atmospheric conditions or extremes of temperatures (see special extensions to amend this exclusion).
  • Consequential loses because of delay etc.

Motor Vehicles only

  • Vehicles exceeding 10 years of age.
  • Rust oxidation and discoloration unless caused by direct contact with sea water.
  • Any loss or damage to the Insured vehicle whilst it is on tow or under Its own power, unless whilst being driven onto or off the vessel or Into or out of the shipping container.
  • Freezing of water in the radiator and/or cooling system.
  • All liabilities to third parties howsoever caused.
  • Loss of parts, tool kits and radios unless lost with the complete vehicle

Disclaimer - This leaflet provides only summary information about coverage. Full details of terms, coverage, condition and exclusions are contained in the policy available from Insurer.

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